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When it comes to your vehicle’s body panels, they are an integral part of its appearance and performance. They are one of the first things you will notice when looking at your vehicle. Composed of thin sheets of metal, plastic or fiberglass, they make up the whole body of your vehicle and will need to be restored in case of a collision, preferably to factory standards.

Why Protect Your Automotive Body Panel

  • Appearance: They encase your vehicle in a variety of styles and designs.
  • Safety: They absorb and minimize impact in an accident and house the mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle underneath.
  • Protection: They shield the rest of your vehicle’s parts against Utah’s outdoor elements (snow, ice, rain, salt and dust).
  • Performance: They are designed to give your vehicle an aerodynamic performance and better gas mileage.

Our Dent Master team located in Lehi, Utah, has been helping customers maintain and repair automotive damage for over 20 years now. Our goal is to get you back on the road again quickly, safely and cost-effectively, with the help of our skilled certified technicians.

What Happens When You Bring Your Vehicle Into Dent Master

  • Our technicians perform a comprehensive inspection to determine the damage.
  • You will receive an estimate for the labor needed (material costs and parts included) for your insurance company.
  • A time will be scheduled to drop your vehicle off.
  • All damaged panels and components will be repaired, professionally finished and painted to meet industry safety standards.

If you live in the Lehi, Utah or surrounding area and your vehicle’s body panels have suffered damage, you can count on our Dent Master team to give you the high-quality service you need while taking the stress out of restoring your vehicle. Call 801-766-1222 today to speak to a Dent Master representative if you have any questions or want to learn more about our service.

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