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When it comes to your vehicle and you have been in an auto accident, rest assured that our goal at Dent Master is to get you back out on the road again with your vehicle looking its best. In fact, we make sure your vehicle gets back to its pre-accident condition.

When it comes to restoring your vehicle’s paint job, we make sure to match the color so it blends in seamlessly. We also restore vehicle paint not just after an accident, but for those who want to revitalize their vehicle’s appearance in Lehi, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

Dent Master’s master finishers are pleased to carry high-quality auto paint that withstands the weather here in northern Utah, from the hot July heat to the January freezes. Our paintwork withstands rain, snow and ice to keep your vehicle looking top-notch.

Quality paint ensures that your vehicle body will get the protection it needs. Our craftsman will match your vehicle’s current color, and top that off with a lifetime warranty. We achieve this with the help of PPG paint products and Water Bourne base coats. Combined, they nail color-matching with precision and durability. As an added bonus, they are also Eco-Friendly.

After your car has been repainted, you want to take good care of it, both to protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking great.

Post Paint Tips:

-For the first few times you wash your vehicle after painting, avoid automatic car washes and instead, opt to do it yourself using a soft cloth. New paint can be scratched with the automatic car wash brushes, particularly on the hood and roof.

-Avoid spilling chemicals like gasoline, oil, antifreeze or transmission fluid on your new paint job.

-Until the paint has properly hardened, avoid driving on gravel roads that are notorious for chipping paint.

If you are looking to have your vehicle painted and live in the Lehi, Utah, area, we welcome you to contact Dent Master at 801-766-1222 today. We look forward to restoring your vehicle’s paint job!

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