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When your vehicle needs to have the paint job redone or touched up, it’s important not to neglect this aspect of vehicle ownership. That’s because your car’s paint serves a purpose besides looking great.

Why Paint Is Important

Your automobile’s paint helps keep structural problems at bay (steel weakens with age if it isn’t protected) and helps prevent rust from forming if water and other debris manages to get under the paint, which, again, leads to corrosion of the body if it spreads unchecked. And if you plan on someday selling your vehicle, having a professional paint job boosts the resale value. Financially, it just makes sense to keep your vehicle looking its best!

Professional Painter Vs. Non-Professional

You might want to reconsider taking your car to a friend or acquaintance to paint your car in their backyard to save money, no matter how tempting. That’s because the bodywork and preparation need to be done right, using special equipment. Access to quality paint, paint guns, a ventilated paint booth and a paint mixer is a must, as is having a compressor, body materials and tools, sanders, tape and paper. Most people don’t have these items in their home garage.

At Dent Master in Lehi, Utah, our skilled craftsmen offer high-quality paint services to restore your vehicle’s safety and appearance. We rely on PPG paint products and Water Bourne base coats. We use computers to help us determine the factory color so we can seamlessly match the paint on your vehicle. 

Our paint-booth keeps your vehicle’s new paint finish away from airborne debris that might affect the final finish, and once the work is done, we safely dispose of the solvents and leftover paint materials to protect the environment. You can drive your car away with confidence since our paint service is covered by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle, something you can’t count on with non-professional painters.

If you are looking to repair the paint on your vehicle, we welcome you to give our Dent Master professionals a call in Lehi, Utah, today. We look forward to helping you maintain the beauty and function of your vehicle for years to come!

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